You Are Not AloneThat moment when you can’t reach out and touch someone who knows your heart, who do you call?
The fear of being alone in this world can be crippling, if you let it. But there’s a better way.

So much life has passed through my years, and every bit of it meaningful, precious, and yes, even, lovely. I’ve had a good life. I experienced love in so many ways I can’t count them, and I’ve been loved by so many people, I don’t even remember all their names… The joy of being me is complete. I feel as if I’ve been loved ‘enough’ to live well, love back, and laugh my way into eternity with joy unspeakable. I’m blessed.

Inside those scriptures are directions. “Go forth from your country…”
Those weren’t the words my friend wanted me to see, but as hard as he pointed me toward the rest of the verse… those were the words I saw. Those were the words I read. And those were the words that stalled me out, kept me awake, and burned through my mind until I got up and found a tea bag and hot water this morning.

Do I bless others? How do I bless others? And the counting began… I thought of the many people whom I’ve assisted as they put their business together, or as they built their online connections, in my network, the people I’ve helped with graphics, or content, or whatever many ways I’ve helped others – professionally. But then, as I waited on God to show me something more… Because I knew there was more. There’s always MORE with God.
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Influencer in Your NicheYour message is virtuous, valuable, and important. When you understand the impact your message has made on your own life, it becomes a priority to share it with others. Your tribe will share your message.

This book is about learning to share your message, developing the confidence and courage to share the messages God gives you and allow others to know the intensity of the message. Your credibility may be on the line, if you are unwilling to share your message.

How much do you have to give to others?

The message, the value, it’s all a gift you’re giving away. Don’t sell your message short, or short change the world by not sharing the message you’re given.

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write transformational fictionWrite Transformational Fiction

7 Simple Steps to Writing a Best Seller will have you up and running with your newly published book in NO time at all. Some have been written in as little as 19 days and published on day 20.  If you could publish three books in the next 3 months, would your life change?

How about making a profit from each of those books in the next 90 days? Do you think this might have an impact on your life?

Creating a series of high-impact, mind-altering, life-transforming books that bend your thinking around the ludicrous facts of current day events, and modern living might be the most effective way to impact our world for better.

Think about it – before the next President takes office, if you started today – you could have three books changing lives on

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ACE Writers offers tips, suggestions, and ideas for how you can tell your own story and be published – fast.

buzz lineMake Money OnlineHow to Make Money Online

You’ll learn how to put your business online!

You’ll learn how to use free tools, low cost tools and sometimes tools that just come with your computer to create an income producing website (can even be a FREE site) online. Jan Verhoeff shares the process that has been used many times over by those who couldn’t afford to invest in their online business to post a website, post a blog and develop multi-stream income using low or no cost resources online. Many of those resources are listed in the text and even more at the back of the book.

Make Money Online

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Marketing Blueprint

Marketing Blueprint

7 Quick and easy steps to take your online business viral using article marketing & list building to grow exponential profit, these powerful and easy steps are written in a concise and deliberate manner that makes this not only a quick read, but an excellent developmental instructional booklet for the online beginner. You’ll find more than just the basic 7 steps, because Jan has added 3 specific bonus actions you can take to bring a targeted audience to your business online.

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Dos and Don’ts for Article Marketing are included between the pages of this quick and easy study guide for the online entrepreneur.

You’ll want these in print so you can check them off, read and apply them to every article you write!

Learn list building secrets from the expert, using marketing skills and ideas known to be successful. Find these in one of Jan’s books! Click on the covers, to purchase a book.

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ez auto maintenanceToday’s car owner rarely experienced the need to maintain their own vehicle, but with economic struggles and life events, more and more of us require some ability to at least understand what is needed to maintain our own car. This book includes real, easy to follow, tips recommendations, and suggestions for keeping up your own vehicles. From drive line to changing the oil, washing windows, and maintaining a quality paint job, the tips you find here are what your daddy would have told you, if he’d known.

The big benefit to maintaining your vehicles, and knowing something about the process, is that you don’t get screwed to the wall by those auto mechanics who would like to charge outrageous prices to fix minor problems. You decide when to maintain your vehicle, in a timely manner, and the costs come tumbling down. It’s a great way to save money!

If you’re going to drive it, you need to understand it. This ez to read manual offer plenty of detail in plain layman’s language.